Istanbul Food Tour

An introductory tour to Turkish Cuisine.

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Istanbul Food Tour

We designed our Istanbul Food Tour to give our guests an overview of Turkish Cuisine which is one of the richest cuisines on the planet. That is due to the long historic background of Turkey and its mosaic of people from different ethnic and geographic origins. Turkish cuisine reflects the cultural richness and diversity of Turkey. Depending on the region you can taste foods of which roots reach to the Balkans, Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean countries. Istanbul is the model of Turkey that offers you any kind of traditional Turkish dishes, specific tastes from all around the country and very special street food. Unlike other gourmet tours which have certain themes, we aim to give you a comprehensive introduction to Turkish cuisine with our Istanbul Food Tour. We introduce you to Turkish breakfast, pastries, mezes (starters), street food and kebabs as we explore the best places for coffee, Turkish tea and delicious Turkish desserts, whilst discovering the eating habits of locals and many, many more interesting facts.

What to expect?

Who's this tour for?

  • First time visitors,
  • Foodies
  • If you are coming back to Istanbul after some time,
  • Expats and students in the city,
  • If you are having a long layover between flights,
  • If you have one day in Istanbul,

What to expect?

  • Taste the richness of Turkish Cuisine
  • Learn the eating habits of locals
  • Explore street food of Istanbul
  • Try the iconic foods like Kebabs and Mezes (starters)
  • Learn more about traditional Turkish drinks and their place in daily life and culture
  • Learn many great places in Istanbul to try later

What's included?

  • Professional Guiding Service
  • Pick-up & drop-off to your hotel
  • Public Transportation Tickets
  • Food tasting along the tour

What's not included & why?

To give our guests more option and flexibility for lunch, we do not include in our prices.

  • Personal expenses

Want to discover Turkish Cuisine with an insider?

Tour Itinerary

Our Istanbul Food Tour is sensitively moulded to your interests and personal preferences. We design the route, choose and recommend the best places to eat and enjoy authentic delicacies. These places are mostly local and non-touristy places in Istanbul. When we are getting lost in the streets of Istanbul, we will explore the Turkish culture by testing delicious Turkish food.

Turkish Cuisine - A Fusion of Continents

Many of the flavours of Turkish cuisine have emerged from a synthesis of the culinary cultures of all the peoples who, at various times, have made their home in Anatolia: from the Hittites to Romans and Greeks, including the people who came from the three continents over which the Ottoman Empire ruled during its 700-year history.

Istanbul Food Tour Turkish Mezes

The climatic, cultural and ethnic diversity of Anatolia and the Balkans have deeply influenced the nomadic Turkish cuisine. This diversity is reflected in an unusually wide range of ingredients including meat, seafood, olive oil, grains and much more.

This combination reflects the very fragmented nature of the ethnic structure in Asia Minor and the Middle East, with regard to how these ingredients could be obtained and the variety of ways in which delicious flavours could be produced from the combination. Thus have the different culinary styles and methods among nomads of the mountains and city-dwellers with their rich historical heritage, made their contributions to the richness of Turkish cuisine.

Dynamic Tour Pricing

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Additional Tour Notes:

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There is a set deposit amount of $75 for any group size. Your booking will be confirmed after the deposit payment. The balance is to be paid 15 days before the start of the tour(s).

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You may cancel your tour reservation up to 72 hours before the planned start of the tour. No cancellation charge is incurred within the allowed deadline. Please read our cancellation policy at “Booking Terms“.

Legal Notice:

This tour is organized within the legal scope of the Turkish Law concerning Travel Agencies And The Association Of Turkish Travel Agencies (TURSAB) numbered 1618, and Vocational Tour Guides Law numbered 6326.

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